Skylight Repair

Installation and assembly of new roof windows as part of a roof covering

Enjoy Natural Lighting with a Skylight

A skylight is a great way to brighten a space with natural light. Yet at times, it may run into problems that will need to be fixed by professionals. Here at Storm Roofing Heroes, we offer skylight repair in Dallas, TX, and skylight replacement for your convenience. Get in touch with our team at 214-809-8078 to see how we can be of service to you.

Common Skylight Problems

Skylights can run into problems down the line if not properly maintained. Some of the most common issues seen with skylights can be excess daylight, glare, or UV damage, energy loss, overheating, roof ventilation problems, ice dams, condensation, or leaking. It’s important to know where skylights would be placed and that initial fittings are correct in order to avoid half if not all of these problems. Learn more about this and skylight maintenance from one of our team members. We may be able to set you up with regular re-sealing or re-flashing to prevent leaks, or we come up with other plans of action depending on the issue. We’ll be happy to guide you at any time.

Storm Roofing Heroes are ready to help with your skylight repair in Dallas, TX, or replacement. Call us at 214-809-8078 to get started.